Have I finally reached the proverbial turn? You know the one, “Her health has taken a turn for the better”, or “her health has taken a turn for the worse.” Thankfully, in this case, I’m hoping I have finally reached that proverbial turn in a positive sense!

In December I returned home for Christmas as well as my sister’s wedding. While home, I also made plans to get a CT scan. Even though I have insurance in the States, I still can’t afford scans here. My last scan was in summer of 2018. This was the longest I had ever gone without having a scan. I honestly got tired of them; tired of not getting the news I wanted, tired of putting the chemical contrast into my body, tired of knowing the scan was exposure to radiation, so I made the decision to skip a couple.

Scanxiety is a real thing y’all. Ask anyone who has gone through a cancer diagnosis & they’ll tell you about it. I’ve experienced it with almost every scan the past 3 years. Thankfully though, with this one I was pretty calm. Something has shifted in recent months & I’m not even sure what it is, but I have been much more at peace with things. I knew for a fact there were some new lymph nodes swollen since my last scan, because I could feel them. They were all still in the same area though & would not affect the staging & it was only a couple. There was the same fear as with every scan though, “What if it has spread?” I’d had some weird health things happen in recent months & that added to the worry as well. Still though, I felt pretty calm despite these worries.

The results came back on Christmas Eve & it was the best news I have received these past 3 years! Yes, the lymph nodes I had been feeling were there & they were new from the previous scan. However, it had not spread to any other part of my body! Three years ago the drs. diagnosed me at stage 2 & I am still at stage 2. That’s pretty significant if you ask me. The BEST news though…..the first lymph node I discovered 3 years ago has shrunk by 2 cm (almost 1 inch)!!! That is the most significant shrinking I’ve had.

Has my body finally reached that “turn for the better”? I don’t know for sure, but I am believing it has. I am continuing to believe that the path God has led me down will lead to healing – because that is what He has said…and maybe now is finally the time.

6 thoughts on “The Proverbial Turn

  1. I always enjoy good news, and this is. I will continue to pray that the lymph nodes continue to shrink, for full healing and full strength. God bless you, Krista.


  2. Krista, That is wonderful news! Yes, God is faithful and good, keeps His promises, and loves and cares for you. I am praising Him and excited for you. Blessings, Barbara Pachman

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