I can’t even believe it has been more than a year since I posted on here. I’ve thought about it so many times, but this year has been completely unexpected; between not having time or not having internet, or simply not knowing what to write, a whole year has passed in silence on the blog.

I know though how I have found & read people’s blogs the past 3 years & sometimes, when I see they suddenly stopped posting, wondered if they were really sick or had even passed away. So, for the random stranger who may have stumbled upon my blog, especially those seeking out alternative healing methods, let’s start this off with:


I mentioned “unexpected”. In January of this year, I came to the States for a 3-month visit. Now, it’s been 11 months since I have been home in Ukraine. Once I got here, I began to feel like I was supposed to stay. I prayed, God opened doors & here I am. I have a job, I bought a car, I rent a house, & most recently, I joined a local community theater!

I’m still healing & still doing what I can for my body to be able to heal, ultimately waiting for God to speak the word of healing over me. It’s all very confusing to me, to be honest. Lymph nodes are still swollen, a couple of new ones have grown much faster this year…but my blood work looks great! Right now all of my red cells are low (working on getting them back up!), however, everything related to my white blood cells are all in normal ranges! Yay God!!!!!!!! That news is so exciting to me! So, overall, my blood work looks really good, I feel good (just tired from the low counts) & I am beyond grateful for all of that! Now, I’m just waiting for my lymph nodes to heal & return to normal size.

Life is such a journey & full of unexpected twists & turns. It’s been a year of excitement as I settled into a new home, a year of growth, a year of heartache as I missed home, and a year of unexpected adventure. God continues to be faithful every step of the journey, He has blessed me beyond what I could have imagined or deserve & He continually strengthens me & continues to speak His promises to me.

I don’t have much to share right now; there are definitely things to write about…but those will have to wait until another time. In a little over a week I’ll be heading home for Christmas. I have my first CT scan in 18 months scheduled for Dec. 23rd & I’m having quite a bit of scanxiety (yes, that is a word…at least in some circles…and yes, it is a very real thing!). However, I am still hoping & believing for a miraculous report.

I just wanted to check in & say, I’m still here!

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